Effective Bathroom Tile Grout Cleaning

The bathroom is one of the most visited parts of the house during morning and before bedtime hours. Because of the moisture it always receives from bathing or washing, it is also the notorious place for breeding bacteria. Even if the tiles are dried off, many germs still remain in the unseen cracks in between the tiles – the grout. Since the grout has tiny, unseen holes, dirt, bacteria or fungi can easily lodge in it. Their presence makes the floor a host to many diseases especially athlete’s foot. Their presence also can be noticed by the color it gives to the grout. They can heavily stain your once spotless bathroom floor.

When this happens, effective grout cleaning is called for. It is time for you to take out your scrub brush, an efficient bathroom cleaner of your choice, a small pail, gloves and knee pads (if your cleaning makes you kneel down on the floor), spray bottle and water. When all of these are ready, it is time to clean!

First, you have to prepare the workplace. Remove things from the bathroom that could hinder your cleaning and then start rinsing the floor to remove any debris and residue of any chemicals from soaps, shampoos or previous cleaners. With a slightly damp floor, start spraying your tile cleaner to the grout. Be sure to wear protective gloves or knee pads if necessary. Tile Grout Cleaner Some cleaners can leave your skin extremely dry or they can burn the skin after long exposure. Let it soak for the prescribe time as instructed in the label. It is safe that you avoid abrasive cleaners for they can cause injury to you if handled carelessly or make a significant damage to your grout or tiles.

Soaking the tiles and grout will loosen the dirt and give time to the bathroom grout cleaner to penetrate deeply into the grout to remove the stains. It will also also allows you to better clean the porous surface of the grout.

After the prescribed time has expired, start brushing the grout. The bristles of the scrub are more effective in removing stains than mops or sponges. After brushing, you are ready to rinse the floor with ample amount of water. Mop excess water to dry off the floor to avoid accidents like slipping.

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